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Official re-transfer to amateur state
Since beginning of March the Austrian Golfing Association re-transferred me to amateur state again. This includes the permission to play amateur tournaments and amateur championship.


Competitive sports coordinator of the Golf Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg (since 2020)

Since March 2020 I am competitive sports coordinator and Corona officer in the golf association of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) and responsible for the organisation and implementation of the competitive sports concept (regional training concept, selection system, ranking etc.) and the creation and implementation of the corresponding hygiene concepts.


End of my active sport career

Thanks to all for all !

...for more details see the following press report (in German)


World Amateur Golf Championship - Race to Borneo
On the 18th of October the 7 finalists, Sandra Hofecker from the Austrian Golf Federation and I, were on our way to the World Amateur Golf Championships. After three flights we finally arrived in Borneo, Malysia where an intense week of golf was waiting for us. Immediately, on the next day we started at 6:00 am with breakfast and a 8:00 oclock tee time. As teamcaptain I was responsible for course management, strategy and tipps & tricks to perfectly prepare our top 7 amateur golfers for the upcoming 4 competition rounds. Right after the 2 practice days, our 4 competition days started which were played on 4 different courses. During competition our team was fighting for every shot in very hot and humid conditions. The atmosphere and the team spirit were fantastic and I loved to see our golfers perform so well. After a very intense week of golf, Austria had 3 players on the podium! I want to thank the team for such a great week and congratulations on a brilliant performance!!! Thanks to Sandra, Hofecker, Andreas Moser, Alexander Henger, Marcus Rapp, Markus Rosenthaler, Wolfgang Lakitsch, Dieter-Rene Fastner and Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof!


Status Update
Due to strong back pain which kept me from playing I had to withdraw from some tournaments, which is very frustrating, but I now put the highest priority into my physical health! Currently, my physio team and I are already working on a daily basis to get me going again, as I am fully focused on a fast recovery. I will keep you updated.


Thailand Championship
21.- 24. Juni

End of June I played in Thailand on the Ladies European Tour. The course was fantastic and the weather conditions due to strong humidity was challenging but I enjoyed it a lot. I made the cut after the frist rounds of 74 and 73 (+3) and qualified for the weekend. However, I struggled a lot with my teeshots on Saturday and only managed to get a round of 75 (+3). The finalday I played very solid and scored a 71 (-2) and finished the event with a tie for 51st place.


VP Bank Ladies Open
Last week I was playing in Gams, Switzerland. I always love to play in Gams because the scenery of the course is so beautiful with all the mountains that surround the holes. Unfortunately I played very bad on the first day and although I had a much better second day I could not make the cut into the final round. Now I am enjoying some time at home until I start at my next event which will be the Jabra Ladies Open in Evian.


Terre Blanche Ladies Open
In Terre Blanche, I started my season in Europe on the Access Series. I really like the course and scored well on the first day with a 73 (+1); however, the second day was a little bit of a struggle. I managed to qualifiy for the final round on Sunday, but due to the heavy wind gusts the final round got cancelled after 12 holes. Some balls were not holding on the green anymore and some branches in the trees broke because of the storm.


Australia Swing
From mid January till the middle of march I spend my winter in Australia again. I was playing on the Australian Ladies Tour and also some co sanctioned events with the European Tour. The highlight of my trip downunder was the qualification for the Australien Open in Adelaide, which is part of the LPGA and therefore a pretty big event. I had several good results and made the cut in two of the European Tour event, where I could collect some points for the ranking until the season in Europe starts around April.


LETAS EL Saler - Season Finals
25. - 27. October

From October 25th-27th I played the final tournament of the LET Access Tour on the El Saler golf club in Valencia, Spain. The course was very challenging as it's big and very ondulated greens ask for precise iron shots. With rounds of 71(-1) and 76(+4) I qualified for the last round. I played very solid on the last round and scored a 72(Par) which earned me a 6th place. Due to the fact, that this tournament was the final tournament on the Access Tour, I could improve my rankings in the order of merit and finished 3rd. The top 5 players earn a full card for the Ladies European Tour and I am very happy to get my full LET card for next year. Now I am excited and looking forward to spend some time with family and friends at home!


Bossey Ladies Championships
15 .- 17. August

From 15th - 17th of August I played at the fantastic Bossey Golf Club in France. The course was in great condition and it is very challenging due to being extremely hilly. My first round was pretty solid and I scored a 72(+1). With an early teetime for my second round I really took advantage of being out early and not having too hot temperatures. With 9 birdies and 2 bogeys I scored a 64(-7), which was a new course record! Starting into my finalround, playing in the leading group being one shot back of the lead, I struggled a lot at the beginning. I finished my finalround with 77(+6) which was a little bit frustrating. For some reason I had a hard time to find in my game the first 9 holes (where I was already +6 after 9 holes). I finished the tournament with a tied 10th place.
Now I have a longer tournament break. My next events start end of September in Spain and England.


Jabra Ladies Open, Evian, France
1. - 3. June

This week I played at the Evian Golf Club, which is the course where the Evian Championship (one of the majors in women′s golf) takes place. 120 players were battling for two spots for the Evian Championships. The weather and the golf course were absolutely perfect; however, my game was not strong enough this week. Particular my iron shots were not precise enough to score well on the big and much undulated greens. Therefore, I missed to qualify for the final round with rounds of 76 and 74. Now I am heading to Helsinki, Finnland next week.


Forget Foundation PGA Sweden National
24. - 26. May

This week I played on the PGA Sweden National golf course. The course was in amazing conditions for this week. It′s hard greens and fairway bunkers made it very challenging. Furthermore, the weather for the first two rounds was very windy and rainy which made it hard. With a very solid game and rounds of 71(-1), 70(-2) and 74(+2) I finished the tournament with a tied 10th place and am happy with a first top 10 result on the LET Access Tour. Next week I am heading to France, Evian for the next event.


Santander Tour, Zaragoza / Spain
19. - 20. May

From 19th-20th May, I was teeing off at the Santander Tour event in Zaragoza, Spain. The La Penaza golf course was in amazing conditions with very fast greens. The weather was great and we all enjoyed the sun. With two rounds of 70 (-2) I finished tied 5th for the tournament. I am really happy about two solid rounds on the golf course. On the next day I was travelling from Barcelona to Copenhagen to get ready for my next event in Malmö, Sweden on the Access Tour.


Australian Tour / ALPG
13. January - 26. February

On 11th of January it was time for me to get out of the freezing winter in Austria and I was heading to sunny Australia to start my Tour Downunder. A full tournament schedule was waiting for me; having 8 tournaments in 6½ weeks. The season kick off was in Sydney, where 44°C was waiting for us. It definitely took me a while to adjust to this extreme heat. However, at the events in Sydney I finished 17th and 13th. Next stop was Goldcoast, where I played two events and at the Hope Island Pro am I could score my first top ten result with a 7th rank. Furthermore, I saw the first kangaroo′s which was very exciting. As I played solid I could qualify for a spot to play in the Oates Victorian Open in Melbourne, which also was the first Ladies European Tour event this year. I finished that event with a score of +3 after 4 days and a 35th place. After that I was heading straight to Adelaide to play the qualifier for the Australien Open. Unfortunately I did not qualify (3 spots were available). I used the few days in Adelaide to practice and soon it was time to head to Brisbane for my last two events. I finished my last tournaments with a 26th and a 15th place. I enjoyed my time in Australia so much; especially all my hostfamilies were so great and they made me feel like at home! So huge thanks to all my hosts for being so welcome and for making my time unforgetable.


Santander Tour
20. - 22. October

End of October I played my last LETAS tournament in Spain, Zaragoza on the La Penaza Golfcourse. The course did not play really long, but due to having treelines along almost every hole, the fairways are narrow. Therefore, your teeshot must be accurate. The greens were fast, which I really like, and we had luck with the weather this week and enjoyed some warm days. I played very solid three rounds of 71(-1), 71(-1), 68(-4) and finished the tournament with a good 6th place. As a result I finished the order of merit this year with a 10th place, and as a reward, I can go straight into final qualifying stage for the Ladies European Tour from 17-21 of December in Morocco, Marakkesh.


WPGA International Challange
6. - 8. October

I really liked the Stoke by Nayland golf course. After the first two rounds of 72(par) and 68(-4), I started as tied 5th into the final day. My game felt very solid and I really liked the hard and fast greens. Unfortunately, my last 9 holes were very shaky. On my 10th hole I found myself in a divot in the middle of the fairway and caught the ball a little bit heavy so it went in the water hazard. The result was a painful triplebogey. I finished my round with a 76(+4) and a tied 20th place. Now I am home for one week before I am travelling to the last tournament of the Ladies Access Tour.


Azores Ladies Open
30. September - 2. October

This week I played at the beautiful island of Sao Miguel at the Golf de Batalha golf club. The course is really challenging, because its fairways are really narrow. Additionally, we had a strong wind and because the course has a lot of doglegs, the ball must be placed very well of the tee. After the first two rounds of 78(+6) and 68(-4) I was tied 2nd. However, at the final day my iron game was simply too unprecise to get close to the pins. I finished my final round with a 78(+6) and a dissappointed 19th place.


Skandinavian Trip
1. - 28. August

On July 31st I started my Scandinavian Trip, including 4 tournaments in a row, with my flight to Stockholm. The first event on the Ladies Access Series was in Sweden, Sundsvall. I was a little bit unlucky with the draw and had strong wind for my first round with a late tee time. However, I fought till the end and recorded a +3, which put me in the Top 30. On the second day I played very solid, but a stupid Pitch-3-Putt Combo on my 17th hole killed my score and I had to take a +7 for that day, which was not enough to qualify for the final round. After spending 2 days in Stockholm, which by the way is a beautiful city, I flew to Oslo to the next event.
At the Drobak Ladies Open I played very solid golf and was very happy with my level par round after the first day. However, the second day was a big challenge due to the weather conditions. I was fighting through the strong wind and heavy rain and scored a +4. Unfortunately this was one shot too much to make the cut, and I travelled very dissappointed to the next event further south to Skjeberg.
Skjeberg Golf Course, with its very narrow fairways, asks for straight and precise teeshots and it fits my game very well. I played great the first two days and with rounds of -3 and -7, I was in the tied lead for the tournament. On my final round I hit great shots, but unfortunately my putter was not hot enough and the putts just did not drop. Still leading by one shot on the 13th hole, I hit my 2nd shot on that par 5 a little right and found my ball lying on a patch of wet and soft moss. When I tried to hit it out with my wedge, the ball burried itself even further in the moss and I had to take an 'unplayable' penalty shot and scored a triplebogey. I finished my round with +3 and the tournament on 4th place. This week I am in Finland, Vihti playing the EVLI Ladies Finnish Open, which starts on Thursday! The course is great, but a little wet due to heavy rains the last couple of days. So let's keep our fingers crossed for some better weather for this week.


Tipsport Ladies Masters
17. - 19. June

I am looking forward to tee off on the Ladies European Tour! This week I am playing in the Czech Republic, Pilsen. I really like the course (Golf Park Pilsen) and started really good in the first round, −1 after 12 holes. However, I completely lost my game for the last holes and brought a 76 (+5) to the recording area. Finding myself 4 shots behind the cut, I knew I needed a low round the second day. Fresh and with an early tee time, I started strong in my second round, but for some reason the putts just would not want to drop and I scored a 72 (+1), with a bogey on my last hole and did not make it into the final round. I am very disappointed with my result this week, because my game felt good, but I just could not really score well enough. Now I have a break of 3 weeks which I will spend working hard on my game.


Halmstad Ladies Open
19. - 21. May

This week I played in Sweden. The course was in great condition and we were very lucky with the weather and had a lot of sunshine. The first day I played very solid and could also score 4 birdies in a row. However, I made a stupid three putt on my 17th hole and scored a 70 (-2) in the end. For my second round I started also very solid, but one bad shot completely destroyed my flow for the last 5 holes and I finished with a 76 (+4). In my final round I played great golf but unfortunately could not make a lot of putts. However, I finished my round with a 71 (-1), a 24th place. All in all I am very happy with this week.


OCA Augas Santas Ladies Open, Spain/Lugo
11. - 13. May

Already when I arrived in Spain it was raining the whole day. During the practice round I already noticed that the course was very wet and for the first tournament round the tournament commitee decided to play two par 4 as par 3, due to very muddy fairways. Unfortunately I was a little bit unlucky with my late teetime on the first day, as it started to rain in the afternoon. An 8 on my 15th hole killed my score and I finished my first round with a 78 (+5). As it rained the whole next day, we could not play our second round, and so the cut of the top 40 was made without me after only one round.


ASGI Ladies Open, Gams/Switzerland
28. - 30. April

I started to travel to Gams, Switzerland on Monday, April 25th. Already on my way to Gams it started to snow, and when I arrived, the golfcourse was unter a 10 centimeter snowblanket. The next days we were really lucky with the weather and we could play. I started really strong in my first round and was 3 under after my first 5 holes. However, I finished my first round with even par (72). The second day I scored a 73 (+1) and made it into the final round. During my final round I played really solid, but I could not make a lot of my putts and so I scored a +1 (73) and finished tied 32nd.


International Foursome Championship
16. - 17. April

On Saturday my foursome partner Fanny Wolte and me, started into the first round of the International Foursome Championship. The Golfclub Murhof was in great condition and we had perfect summer weather over the weekend. This years' field was very strong, including Bernd and Niki Wiesberger. The first day was played under the best ball modus and Fanny and me could only score a 71(-1) which was around 26th place. We knew that we had to step up our game for the next day in order to climb up the leaderboard. On Sunday we played the classic Foursome and Fanny and me played really great. We managed to score 4 Birdies on our last 5 holes and finished with a 70(-2). So we could improve our position on the leaderboard and finished 8th.


Terre Blanche Ladies Open
31. March - 2. April

Over Easter I played in the first event on the Ladies Access Series in Terre Blanche, France. The course was very impressive and I abolutely loved the whole area. Already after the practice rounds I knew that it was necessary to play good irons into the very undulated greens. However, my irons were not solid enough in the tournament. Although, I hit 15 greens the first day, I scored a 78(+5) due to finding myself with a lot of distance putts. After the second round of 80(+7) my scores were too high to qualify for the final round.


17. February - 4. March

On Monday the 7th of March my flight touched down at the Vienna Airport. I finished my Austrialian Tour with a 20th (Brisbane Invitational) and a 8th (BWAC ALPG ProAm) place. The highlight of the Tour was definitely my qualification for the Australian Open, which is a tournament of the American Tour (LPGA). I played solid on the first day and scored a 73(+1). Hhowever, I really struggled on the second day due to several bad swings and finished my round with a 79(+7). Eventhough, I did not play in the weekend, I loved the experience to play in such a big event and I could learn a lot. Although I am happy to be at home again, I absolutley loved and enjoyed playing on the Australian Tour a lot. Our last Pro Am we played right next to the kangaroos, which was the perfect Australian experience. After having a few weeks of practice I will head to France for my first LET Access Event in Terre Blanche.


New Zealand Open
12. - 14. February

The week in , Christchurch, New Zealand, was a really good one for me. I played very solid, especially my irons were very good even with strong winds. Therefore, I scored rounds of 72(par), 68(-4), and 74(+2) and finished the frist tournament of the Ladies European Tour with a tie for 24th, which is so far my best result on the LET. What was very scary was that on the final day we had an earthquake (strenght 5.6) and several aftershocks. I was about to line up my ball for my first putt on the 3rd green when all of the sudden I felt kind of dizzy and I struggled to put the line on my ball down straight because everything was shaking. At first I did not realize what was going on but then the referee came to us and informed us that we just had experienced an earthquake. Even in the house of my host family some of the dishes and some paintings were damaged. It was a very scary experience to be honest.


Bing Lee Fujitsu Pro Am /Australia
14. - 15. January

On Thursday, 14th, I teed off at my third event on the ALPG tour on the Oatlands golf course. I really liked the golf course and it was in great condition. I started in the afternoon and it was a very hot Australian summer day with 105°F. After having played 6 holes we got called in due to thunderstorms and lightening. When getting back out again, I managed to play a birdie and was happy to finish my round with a 71 (-1). On my second and final day, I played very solid tee to green and with having a strong birdie-birdie finish on my last two holes, I ended my round with 69 (-3).
I finished the tournament with a tied 3rd place, which has been so far my best finish as golf professional.
The next event will start on January 19th and I am really looking forward to tee off in Australia again.


ALPG - Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour (Tournament 1 + 2)
7. - 10. January

On January 1st I started my trip to Downunder, because I am playing on the ALPG (Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour). After a long and exhausting trip I made it to Sydney on January 3rd and arrived with my rental car at my host family for this week. The first two tournaments were the Moss Vale Ladies Classic on January 7. - 8. and the Mt. Broughton Ladies Classic on 9. - 10.
At Moss Vale I finished tied 13th with rounds of 73(par) and 71(-2).
At Mt. Broughton I finished 38th with rounds of 73(+1) and 77(+5).
Now I am looking forward to tee off at my next event in Oatlands in a few days.


LET Tour School, Marrakech/Morocco
18. - 22. December

On December 18th I teed off at the final qualifying stage for the Ladies European Tour in Morocco. My goal was to earn a full card which the top 30 professionals of the qualifying. We played on two golf courses, the Samanah and the Almekis golf course. I started pretty bad with a +4 and was forced to make up some ground in the next rounds. In my second and third round my game was really solid and with two rounds of -2 I got my score back to even par. After my fourth round of +1, I made the cut of the top 60 and therefore had a chance to fight for my full card. However, I knew that I had to shoot a low one on my last day. I started very strong and found my self -3 after 8 holes; but on my 9th hole I lost my ball in the water hazard and had to take a painful triple bogey. The next holes no birdies would drop and I struggled to get the birdies going. Therefore, I left qualifying with a conditional status for next year, but hope to get some starts on the Ladies European Tour.


Helsingborg Open, Helsingborg/Sweden
3. - 6. September

I love the course at Helsingborg (Vasatorp Golfclub) with its tricky undulated greens. On Thursday I started with a solid level par round (73). On Friday I was playing really well tee to green and finally on the last two holes my birdie putts dropped and I was happy to find myself at 3 under par together with Laura Davies. Saturday turned out to be a very challenging day with a lot of rain, wind and even hail for one hole. I could not score any birdies that day and finished my day at the office with a +3 (76). On the final day I played very well in very windy conditions and managed to score a round of +1 (74) which helped my to move up some spots on the leaderboard. I finished my tournament in Sweden with a tied 26th place. I am very happy with my last 3 weeks. Now its time to get some rest and practice hard to get ready for my next events.


HLR Golf Academy Open, Vihti/Finland
28. - 30. August

On Friday I started in Vihti, Finland at the HLR Golf Academy Open, a Ladies European Tour Access Series. I knew the course already from last year and it really suits my game. The first two days I scored rounds of +3 and +2 and made the cut for the final round on Sunday. On Sunday I had the first tee time at 8.00am from tee 10, a Par 3 - however, due to really heavy fog, I had no chance to see the green and the flag, so I started at 9.00am into my final round. With a solid par round I finished the tournament on a tied 13th rank. Now I am heading directly to Sweden to the Helsingborg Open (Ladies European Tour).


Soelvesborg Open hosted by Fanny Sunesson, Soelvesborg/Sweden
20.- 22. August

From 20th - 22nd August I played the Soelvesborg Open hosted by Fanny Sunesson in Sweden - a tournament of the LET Access series. The course was in great shape and with a lot of trees and it's narrow fairways straight teeshots were asked. During this week I got a chance to meet and talk to Fanny Sunesson who caddied for none less than Sir Nick Faldo and it was very interesting and informative to have a chat with her. With two rounds of 74(+2) I made the cut and finished strong with a 71(-1) and a total score of +3 after 3 days and a tie for 22nd place. My next event will start on Friday in Vihti, Finland and I will keep you updated on how I do.


Pilsen Golf Masters, Pilsen/Czech Republic
7. - 9. August

I started my first round at the Pilsen Golf Masters at 12.34 on Friday in th Czech Republic. I struggled right at the beginning and was already +4 after my first 3 holes. In addition no birdie putts did go my way that day and I finished +5. The next day I had to attack more, as the projected cut was at level par. I played very solid golf and had a bogey free 69 (-2). Unfortunately this was not good enough to make the cut. I would like to thank my coach, Simon Bakewell for supporting me this week. We changed my practice plan a little to make sure that I work on the right things. So a lot of distance and break putting is waiting for me this week to get ready for my next event.


ISPS Handa Ladies Masters, England/Denham
2 .- 5. July

Unfortunatley I was not very successful this week in England (Buckinhamshire). After my first round of 73 (+1), I positioned myself well in the top 60. However, my second round did not go as planned as I struggled at the beginning with some bogeys. After the turn I knew I had to play some birdies but they did not come and so I finished with a dissappointing 80 (+8) and did not qualify to play the weekend. I spend my weekend with watching some tennis at wimbledon and practicing. Now I have a period of 3 weeks without any tournaments - so I am taking the time to enjoy some of the sunny weather and to get ready for my next event, which will be in Hamburg, Germany end of July.


Turkish Airlines Ladies Open, Belek
18. - 21. May

On May18th I played the first round of the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open at the Carya Golf Club in Belek. This was my third start this year of the Ladies European Tour. On my first few holes I struggles with my putting on the big and fast greens at the Carya golf club. Thanks to a strong finish with an eagle on my 17th hole I could score a +3. Although I had a really good feeling on my second round I started with a double bogey on my first hole due to a waterball. But I fought very well the first nine holes and made the turn with +1. Due to my inaccurate irongame the last holes I had to take a few bogeys and finished my second day of work with a +8 and therefore missed to qualify for the final rounds.


OCA Augas Santas Ladies Open, Spain/Lugo
29. April - 1. May

After a really fun ProAm round on Tuesday I started my second LET Access Series tournament in Lugo, Spain. After troubles at the beginning with two bogeys I could fight back with two birdies on Wednesday. However, I had to take two further bogeys on my last 9 holes and finished my first round 2 over par. On my second round I played actually pretty solid too, but my putter completely bailed on me and with five frustrating 3-putts I scored a +9 and missed the cut. I spent Friday with a good putting practice and am looking forward to be playing my next event in Gams, Switzerland next week.


Open Generali de Dinard, France/Dinard
16. - 18. April

From April, 16-18th I played my first LET Access Series Event for this year in Dinard, France. The course is located directly on the coast and has a lot of a links style golf course. The whole area around Dinard is very beautiful and my approximately 4 hours drive (with my rental car) from Paris airport was definitely worth it. In my first two round I could not really get going on the firm greens and I scored rounds of +6 and +5; therefore, I missed the cut. So on to the next one, which will be in Lugo, Spain from April, 29th to May, 1st.


Lalla Meryem Cup, Morocco/Agadir
26.-29. March

From March 26th-29th I played in the Lalla Meryem Cup in Agadir, Morocco at the golf de l’ocean golf club. It was my second tournament at the Ladies European Tour this year. For further support my twin sister travelled with me to Morocco to watch me. I enjoyed it a lot to have my sister arround and loved the golf course in the moroccan sunshine. The first two rounds I played very solid and scored rounds of 73 (+2) and 72 (+1) which qualified me to play in the two final rounds. With rounds of 69 (-2) and 71 (Par) at the weekend I could move up the leaderboard and finished the tournament as tied 34th. Now I am enjoying a few days of rest at home with my family before I get ready for my next event in a few days in France which will be a tournament at the Access Tour. I wish you all a Happy Easter!!


ISPS New Zealand Open and NSW Open
27. Feb - 1. March  /  6. - 8. March

I arrived safely at home from New Zealand and Sydney. Unfortunately after my first round in New Zealand at the Clearwater Golfclub with an 79 (+8), I already put myself far behind for qualifying into the final field of the top 50 players for Sunday. The second round was much better and I scored a 73 (+1); however, this was not enough in order to play on Sunday and therefore I took advantage of the great practice facilities at Clearwater to work on my game.
After the tournament in New Zealand I headed to Sydney for the New South Wales Open a tournament on the ALPG Tour (Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour). With two rounds of 75 I missed the cut by one shot which was frustrating. However, I am taking only positives from the first two tournaments which help me to get into the tournament mode.
At the moment I am preparing myself for the next tournament on the Ladies European Tour which starts March 27th in Morocco, Agadir.
Big Thanks to my two host families in Christchurch and Sydney for hosting me and taking so good care of me.


LET Tour School 2014 - Final Qualifier
17. - 21. December

I made it! I finished my first year as golfprofessional strong and got my full card (Category 8a) for the Ladies European Tour 2015! From the 17.-21 December I played on the beautiful Samanah and Al Maaden golf course in Marrakech with other 126 players for one of the 30 tour cards for next year. My very solid game with rounds of 72, 70,74, 70, 74 (even par) brought me a tie for 19th place. This week I did not make a lot of mistakes and if so I could fight back strongly with a birdie. I am looking forward to the next season and would like to thank my sponsors, coaches, friends and family who support and believe in me. Now I am excited to be home for Christmas after 18 days in Morrocco.


LET Tour School 2014 Pre-Qualifier
8. - 11. December

From 8.-11. December I played the first qualifying stage for the Ladies European Tour School 2014 in Rabat. The top 42 players make it and move on to the final stage which takes place in Marrakech from December 17.21. Due to the very rainy weather the last days in Morroco the course was really wet so the ball did not roll at all and it was really challenging. The first day I had a lot of troubles with my game; however the next 3 days I played more solid and could advance into the final stage.


South African Women's Open
16. - 19. October

The San Lameer golf course was in great condition and with breathtaking views from the tees I really enjoyed playing this week. I made some mistakes the first round and could only finish with a 77. The second round got cancelled due to a lot of rain. On Satuday I made really good shots but just could not make birdies and finished again with a 77. This was one shot too much to make the cut and therefore I did not qualify for the Sunday round which was really frustrating. Now I am back home and its time to prepare and get ready for the next one.


Open de Espana Feminino, Spain/Tenerife
18. - 21. September

From 18 - 21 September I played the Teneriffe Open at the Costa Adeje golf course. I really enjoyed the fantastic weather in Teneriffe and the great golf course. The course is right on the coast and the possibility to see the sea on some holes creates a fantastic view. The first round I struggled with my iron game and although I was 1 under through 9 holes I finished 4 over. I did not have a strong start the second day and I made it very difficult for me to put myself in a position to make the cut after having played 5 holes. I finished the second round 5 over par and missed the cut. I am back home now and use my time at home to practice and prepare for the next event which will be in South Africa. I have never been in South Africa, so I am very excited to play there.


Helsingborg Open, Sweden
4. - 7. September

This week I was playing in Sweden at a Ladies European Tour event. The course was in great conditions and we had lovely weather the whole week. I made the cut with rounds of 72 and 74. I extremely enjoyed playing in front of many spectators which created a great atmosphere. My last two rounds I scored a 76 and a 74 and finished the Helsingborg Open with a tied 57th place. My long game feels really solid so now I have a few days at home to work on my shortgame. I fly to the next tournament on Saturday in Tenerife (Tenerife Open de Espana).


HLR Golf Academy Open, Finland
29. - 31. August

From August 29th till 31st, I was playing the HLR Golf Academy Open in lovely Finland - which is a tournament from the Ladies European Access Series. With two strong rounds of 71 and 72 I qualified as tied 4th for the final round. Unfortunately, I could not manage to move up the leaderboard the last day due to some mistakes on the second nine holes. Therefore I am leaving Finland with a tied 9th place and a final round of 74. Now I am getting ready for my next event, a Ladies European Tour Event, which will be the Helsingborg Open in Sweden starting September 4th.


Onsjö Ladies Open, Sweden
21. - 23. August

From August 21st till 23rd I was playing in Sweden in Vänersborg. Unfortunately there were a lot of heavy rain showers in the morning of the first day so the first round got started late. I was teeing off at 4.10pm and luckily was the last group that could finish the round at 8.45pm. My long game was really solid; however, I missed some greens right at the beginning of my round and had to take some bogeys. I finished my first round with a 77 (+5). The second round I played a little bit better and made the cut with +8 after two days. My game at the final day was very solid and I could score an eagle at a par 5 with a great 3-wood shot into the green. I played a par round and could climb up the leaderboard a little bit and finished the tournament with a tied place for 28th. In a few days I will be teeing off at the next Ladies European Access Series in Finland.


Ladies Norwegian Challenge
12. - 14. August

From August 12th till 14th I was playing an Ladies European Access Series Event near Oslo at the Losby golf club. Due to heavy rain showers and thunderstorms the first round got cancelled and the tournament was played over two rounds. With an early tee time I played a 76 (+4) on the first day and put myself in the middle of the leaderboard. The course was really wet and it was hard to find a dry spots to drop the ball; however, the greens were in fantastic condition thanks to all the hard work and effort the green keepers put into over night. The next day I played much better and scored a 73 (+1) and moved up the leaderboard. I finished with a tied 12th place.


Sberbank Pilsen Masters
25. - 27. July

This week I am playing in Pilsen, Czech Republic again. Already from the last time I have been playing here, at the LET Access Series event, I could take a lot of positive memories with me. With two solid rounds of even par I qualified for the final round on Sunday. Unfortunately, I could not hole a lot of putts Sundays and finished the round and the tournament with +3 and a tied 64th place. Now I am really looking forward to spend some time at home with family and friends. I am taking the time to prepare and get ready for the next events in August which will be on the LET Access Series.


Ladies German Open
17. - 20. July

The course in Wörthsee really suits my game and with rounds of -2 and -4 I qualified for the weekend. My solid game at the weekend brought me rounds of -3 and -1 and I finished the tournament with -10 and a tied 25th place. I am happy about my game and really enjoyed playing in Germany. I had some Austrian spectators with me on the course which made it so much fun and I really appreciated it.


Pilsen Golf Challenge
9. - 11. July

I am teeing off at an LET Access Series event this week on the same course where the Sberbank Pilsen Masters will take place in two weeks. The first day I played very well and finished my round with 3 under par and was tied 4th. The second day I had a shaky start and could not hole a lot of Putts; however, I finished the round with +2 and qualified for the final round on Friday. Friday I played better and could score -1 and finished the tournament with -2 and a tied 12th rank. Now I am heading to Wörthsee, Germany for the next Ladies European Tour Event.


ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters
3. - 6. July

Buckinghamshire is a great championship course with its really fast greens. Furthermore, strong wind makes the course very challenging. I played rounds of 77 (+5) and 81 (+9) and missed the cut. Now I am flying home and will head tomorrow to Czech Republic for an LET Access Series event.


Italian Ladies Open
27. - 29. June

The course in Perugia is beautiful and in great condition. It is a parkland course with small greens. I had time to get to see the city and I must say that Perugia is absolutley pretty with all its architecture. I played rounds of 78 and 72 and made my first cut on the Ladies European Tour. I started off really strong in the final round; however, could not finish strong as I made some bad shots the last few holes and finished with a 78. Now I am heading straight to London for the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters.


Ladies Slovak Open
19. - 22. June

The grey bear course in Brezno Tale, Slovakia has some really tricky greens which ask for accurate green shots. Unfortunately I did not make the cut this week as I made some bad iron shots. However, I will be traveling to Italy tomorrow for the Italian Ladies Open.


Austrian National Championship
12. - 15. June

Had a good week and a solid game. Played rounds of 76, 70, 76, 73 and finished 12 in the overall professional ranking and 2nd in the ladies ranking. The golf course in Mondsee was in great condition and I really enjoyed playing there. Now it is time for me to travel to Slovakia, Brezno Tale, for the Slovak Ladies Open next week.


Deloitte Ladies Open
The first round in Amsterdam was on Friday. Unfortunately I started with a doublebogey and could only finish with a +5. Eventhough I started much better in my second round, with a birdie, I finished +3 and missed the cut by 3 shots. On Sunday I took advantage of the great practice area in Amsterdam. My next tournament will be the Austrian National Open at the Golfclub am Mondsee. I am looking forward to be playing at home in Austria.


US OPEN Qualifying
On Monday, the 19th May I played in Buckinghamshire, England the qualifier for the US Open. We played 36 holes under great conditions as it was very sunny and only in the afternoon the wind picked up. I finished my first round with +1 and after a short break in the clubhouse it was time to start into my second round. I felt very confident about my game; however, I could not hole a lot of putts in the afternoon and finished my second round with +6 and missed the qualifying mark of level par after two rounds. Now I am heading straight to Amsterdam for the Deloitte Ladies Open.


Turkish Airlines Ladies Open
From May 8.-11. the European Ladies Tour was guest at the National Golf Club in Belek, Turkey. The course was in great shape and it's narrow fairways asked for accurate tee shots. Unfortunately I did not started well into my first round on Thursday and was already 4 over after 3 holes. Making only one birdie on Thursday I finished with an 80 (+7). The second day got cancelled due to heavy rain and a flooded golf course. Although, I played much better on Saturday, 75 (+2), I missed the cut by 3 shots. After a few days at home I will play next Monday in England the US Open Qualifier and then will head straight from there to Amsterdam for the Deloitte Ladies Open!


International Foursome Championship
Together with my european championship foursome partner, Anja Purgauer, we started off very strong at the first round (best ball) in Murhof. Due to lots of birdies from both sides we carded a round of 60 (this has been the lowest round from Anja and me so far), which brought us the lead in the main draw. On the second day we played a classic foursome. Some mistakes resulted in a 74 and we finished on 3rd place. Now I will use the next weeks to prepare my game and me for my next tournament in Turkey beginning of May.


Season Kick-Off - Lalla Meyrem Cup (Morocco, Agadir)
Finally the season starts! I will be teeing up at my first professional tournament on Thursday, March 13th in Morocco, Agadir. The tournament will be played over 4 rounds with having the cut after 2 days where the top 60 players qualify for the last two rounds. My goal is to finish in the top 60 and I am very excited and ready for the season to start. Can't wait to get on the golf course!


Costa Navarino - last practice camp before my first LET tournament in Morocco, Agadir
Never change a winning team! Already last fall I found the perfect practice facilities and golf courses at Costa Navarino that helped me prepare for the qualifying school. Therefore, I will do the same to get ready for my season kick off in Morocco. Same range, same practice buddy, same dessert buffet, same spa area :-) let's go!


Belek - first practice camp
The new year just started and I am already beginning my work. Which means traveling south towards the sunshine and warming up my game for a week at the Cornelia Faldo resort in Turkey :-)


Ladies European Tour - Let's do it!
The qualifying school was a real golf marathon. Played 90 holes and reached my target to finish in the Top 30 with a 23rd place. The first 3 days had been like a dream. I was playing in the lead group by staying ranked under the top 5; even leading for a while. Though having challenges on day 4 I kept a 'cushion' of 3 shots before starting into the final round. By finishing 23rd I made it safely into the Top 30!
Therefore, I earned a full Tour card for 2014, category 8a!
I am very excited and thrilled to be playing on the Ladies European Tour (LET) this upcoming season. What's on my schedule now is a Christmas break back home and then I will slowly start to get organized and work on all of the administrative items regarding my professional golf career.